KNOW Glitch allows hotels to capture, track, investigate and satisfactorily resolve service issues that inconvenience guests. Service breakdowns can be investigated and recovered while guests are still in the hotel, thus significantly reducing guest dissatisfaction

A Quick Product Overview

Through this short video, experience KNOW Glitch as it facilitates tracking and resolution of guest complaints, minimizes compensation and maintains guest loyalty


Auto create Glitch for specific complaints logged in KNOW Service

Write back Glitches to guest profile and have the information available in pre-arrival report

Track, investigate and conclusively resolve guest complaints and service breakdowns

Send dynamic alerts based on different categorization to guest facing staff

Comprehensive reports to analyze frequent and recurring service issues

Track service recovery costs

Log Glitch for visiting/in-house/pre-arrival/checked-out guests and also for staff

  • Improvement of guest loyalty by almost instant problem resolution
  • Reduction of rebates
  • Creation of accountability
  • Redefinition of processes and training needs
  • Visual reliance of images and documents associated with incident reports
  • On-the-go availability and enhancements with its integration to KNOW Mobile

We don’t say our KNOW Glitch is great, our clients do!

We believe that the real value of any solution or service is best communicated through the customer experience. We travelled the globe to meet our clients and asked them to share their KNOW Glitch experiences with you.