KNOW Inspection, a 21st century version of the traditional, paper-based checklist, allows hoteliers to conduct all inspections from a smartphone and automatically mail completed inspections to management

A Quick Product Overview

Through this short video, experience KNOW Inspection and how hoteliers can use a smartphone to inspect and mail completed inspections automatically to management. What’s more, inspection reports are stored for future reference and can be analysed using KNOW Inspections’ powerful reporting tools


User defined checklists

Rich data capture including images, comments and other user defined fields

Integration with KNOW Service

Location (GPS) and time stamp for every inspection item

Offline mode permits inspection in poor network coverage areas


Multiple scoring options (pass/fail or rating scale)

Multilingual support

  • Adherence to brand standards across properties
  • Save time with automated analytical reports
  • Accountability of inspections
  • Reduction of paper, space and recycling costs

We don’t say our KNOW Inspection is great, our clients do!

We believe that the real value of any solution or service is best communicated through the customer experience. We travelled the globe to meet our clients and asked them to share their KNOW Inspection experiences with you.