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The new LINEN COUNT AND REPORT feature of KNOW Housekeeping gives housekeepers peace of mind and allows them to work more efficiently while providing major cost savings for hotel managers. This new capability of the KNOW Housekeeping app enables supervisors to track all linen used in a hotel, allocate the amount required for each room or suite and even cut down on paper sheets for linen counting.

This offering can potentially save a 200 room hotel over $25,000 per year in linen losses and over $40,000 per year in direct manpower costs.

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KNOW Service
Guest Service
Know Service
Know Service
Know - Guest Service
Know - Guest Service
Automate Guest Service Request

Quick view for Attendants to view the required linen for cleaning

Automate Alert

Ability to report soiled or damaged linen in the room

PMS System

Real time console view of dirty linen items

Record on daily/monthly basis items sent/received from laundry

Guest Request Complains Software

Ability to pull a daily report for soiled and damaged linen

Easily export discrepancy data periodically

  • Go paperless
  • Manage all your Housekeeping operations on one App
  • Streamline your linen to laundry process
  • Reduction in cart stocking time
  • Know where your linen “disappear”
  • Savings in laundry discrepancies

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