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TRITON is a suite of applications to help hotels
improve guest service and
staff productivity.

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TRITON Rapid Response module automates the handling of guest requests, complaints and maintenance jobs, thus ensuring high quality service and high staff productivity

Rapid Response Rapid Response

Receive information on your handheld devices, based on custom-defined events, guest movements and service requests.

Auto-Calls & Alerts Auto-Calls & Alerts

Track and resolve guest complaints, minimise compensation and maintain guest loyalty.

Glitch Glitch

Complete freedom to manage your hotel from anywhere.


TRITON Checklist is the 21st century version of the traditional, paper based checklist.

TRITON Checklist TRITON Checklist

TRITON HK automates daily housekeeping activities, resulting in dramatic increases in productivity and guest satisfaction.

triton hk triton hk

Offers advanced features that greatly enhance your ability to maximize guest satisfaction.

Advanced PMS Interface Advanced PMS Interface

Powerful Equipment Maintenance System that allows Engineers to stay on top of all of their maintenance obligations .


TRITON integrates with a hotel's central communication system and interfaces with a range of devices to suit the hotel's needs.

Communication Interfaces Communication Interfaces

The BMS Interface facilitates effortless monitoring of the hotel equipment and frees up the engineers to move out of the control room and focus on other important tasks.

The FAS Interface enables instant alerts to hotel management and staff in case of any alerts triggered by the hotel's Fire Alarm System.

BMS Interface
FAS Interface
BMS Interface FAS Interface

Top <span>5 reasons</span> why your hotel needs TRITON now! Top 5 reasons why your hotel needs TRITON now!

  • 1TRITON Improves guest service and staff productivity through automatic allocation and management of guest requests, complaints and maintenance jobs
  • 2TRITON allows you to always be in control of your operations by powering your smartphone to manage data and events from front desk, housekeeping and other guest service related jobs
  • 3TRITON allows you to enhance guest loyalty by effective management and resolution of their complaints
  • 4TRITON increases your productivity by sending automatic notifications on specific events defined by you
  • 5TRITON helps you provide personalized service to your guests by informing you of their preferences