Complete Freedom to manage your hotel from anywhere

TRITON Mobile for smartphones gives you the freedom to manage your hotel while you are on the move. Through this easy-to-use application, you can register and manage jobs, access guest list and other information, set custom alerts, access housekeeping data and many more.

Triton Mobile

Triton Mobile
 FeaturesAdvanced Version Workflow Version 
  Guest Request Management Create, track & manage guest service requests and complaints Triton Mobile   Triton Mobile  
  Auto Calls & Alerts Receive alerts, jobs and escalation jobs Triton Mobile   Triton Mobile  
  Glitch Management Register & Manage Glitches Triton Mobile      
  Housekeeping Management Real time room status views, instant update of room status directly to PMS Triton Mobile      
  Minibar Posting Instant posting of Minibar consumption directly to guest folio in PMS Triton Mobile      
  Guest List View in-house, pre-arrival and departure guest lists. View includes reservation and profile information Triton Mobile      
  Guest History View complaint, request and glitch history of any guest Triton Mobile      
  Room History Instant access to all room repair history Triton Mobile   Triton Mobile  
  Live graph RevPar, ADR and Occupancy Triton Mobile      
  Check-in Alert Select any pre-arrival guest and set a check-in alert with a single click Triton Mobile      
  Shift log-in/ Log-out Log in and out of your shift with a click of a button Triton Mobile   Triton Mobile  
  Whiteboard Post & read announcements Triton Mobile   Triton Mobile  


  • View guest profiles and set custom alerts for VIP guests

  • Create, view, track and manage guest service requests and complaints

  • View Guest stay history and room history

  • View key operational metrics/ Hotel Revenue Data like RevPAR, ADR, Occupancy Rates etc.

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