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KNOW Housekeeping streamlines daily housekeeping activities resulting in double digit improvements in staff productivity, higher guest satisfaction and a massive reduction in the hotel’s carbon footprint. It receives data from and updates the PMS, real time, and is complemented by powerful Android and iOS apps.

A Quick Product Overview

Through this short video, experience our KNOW Housekeeping module that automates daily housekeeping activities, resulting in dramatic increase in productivity and guest satisfaction

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Automatic Task Sheets - Know Housekeeping Feature

Dynamic rule based room prioritization while creating automatic task sheets

Queue room and Turn Down service handling

Digital Task Sheets - Know Housekeeping Feature

Specials, Traces and Preferences available on digital task sheets

Alerts - Knowcross Housekeeping Feature

Delay and cleaning-event based alerts for supervisors and coordinators

Status Update in PMS -  Best PMS Software

Dirty, Clean, Inspected, OOO, OOS status update in PMS

Log Maintenance and Service orders in KNOW Service

Two Way Messaging - Know housekeeping Feature

Two-way messaging for attendants and supervisors

Screen Notification - Know Housekeeping Feature

Task of the day screen

Time Tracking - Know Housekeeping Feature

Move around time tracking

Performance Reports - Know Housekeeping Feature

Performance reports

Lost & Found Reporting - Know Housekeeping Feature

Lost & found reporting

Mini Bar Posting - Knowcross Product Feature

Mini Bar posting

Discrepancy Tracking - Know Housekeeping Feature

Discrepancy tracking

Linen Count & Report - Knowcross Feature

Linen Count & Report

  • Reduction of task sheet creation time from hours to minutes
  • Minimized attendant movements between rooms through intelligent routing logic
  • Reduction of inspection time and focus on quality maintenance through automatic room selection
  • Real time tracking of cleaning progress
  • Maintenance of brand standards through checklists for attendants and supervisors

We don’t say our KNOW Housekeeping is great, our clients do!

We believe that the real value of any solution or service is best communicated through the customer experience. We travelled the globe to meet our clients and asked them to share their KNOW Housekeeping experiences with you.